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Tips for Viewing Streaming Video

A) Download the Free Windows Media Player for MAC and Windows:
To view streaming video you need to have Microsoft's Windows Media Player installed on your PC. Virtually all Windows PCs and most Macs have this already installed. If not, you can download it free from Microsoft. Right-click and select 'Save Target As...'

B) 56K connection or less?
Right-click and select 'Save Target As...' on the following link and double-click to view it when it finishes downloading to your hard drive.   Video Tour at 56 Kbps

C) 128 Kbps connections? Click Here to view the 56 Kbps video.

D) Company or school network, T1, DSL or cable modem?
Should have no problem with Windows Media Player installed.

Either way, please help us improve our site by letting us know about your experience in this anonymous survey.
I am able to stream and view the 300 Kbps videos.
I am only able to stream and view the alternate 100 Kbps version.
I was able to right-click to download the videos and view them.
I haven't been able to view any videos from this site.

Any Additional Comments:
(please include your email address if you'd like a response)

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The videos on Sound Trax Studios website were saved primarily for broadband users on company / school networks, using DSL or cable modems with a bandwidth of 300 Kbps or greater. Over 60% of Internet users in North America have access to such a connection either at work, school or home. If you currently have a 56K connection or less you may experience interruptions or frequent buffering and you should right-click the file to download it.

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